Only a quick post today; more of an observation if you like.
Has anyone else noticed that Facebook has pretty much turned into a video site?

Every 3 posts on my newsfeed is a video.

I’m unsure if it annoys anyone else as much as myself but the videos are sometimes disgusting.
I wouldn’t mind as much if they were comedy videos / interesting / fun / but there has been a huge number of videos of people hurting animals.
Any video of an animal being hurt is completely unacceptable to be posted online and very often. There’s still hope for society as after people see the disgraceful behaviour, they often get their comeuppance.
Even so, it just shouldn’t happen in the first place.
I’m more of a twitter person myself but everyone likes a bit of a nosey down Facebook every so often.
Am I right?


Small talk or no talk?

As I travel to university everyday via a tram, it gets very busy in a morning, as you would expect, because of all the morning commuters etc…

I did observe that at least 95% of the passengers stand / sit / lean / wobble with their headphones in and eyes glues to their tiny hand held computers. Whether they’re checking their twitter accounts, speaking to their other halves or checking the daily headlines, they never seem to take their eyes off the screen until they / sometimes telepathically / realise that it is, indeed their stop.

I will raise my hand up and say that I am guilty of this myself.
I do have my phone in my hand constantly and have my headphones as loud as the tiny things can go, because / let’s be honest / trams are noisy!


I wondered what my morning commute would be like if phones were taken away.


You read that right, your tiny little life companion was taken away for a day.

I’m serious. If you had to leave your phones at home, would you actually talk to people on the morning bus / tram / train? Or are we all so reliant on our phone to provide us with entertainment that we’ve forgotten how to make a polite conversation with the old lady sat with her polos and headscarf?

It a funny topic, this. A very interesting one too. Would you rather sit their in silence because we have grown shy to the small talk?

it’s lovely weather today
it won’t be too long until it’s Christmas!
the nights are drawing in now.

What would you do / say?

Part of my world?

I’m not the kind of person who posts a cliché first post like ‘welcome to my blog I hope you like it, I’m going to be posting about…’ because the truth is, I don’t really know what I’m going to be posting.

I’m a student journalist and I’m going to try and use this site to find myself. You know, find what I want to write about and what I’d rather not. Although I’m going to go into this with an open mind, after all, I’ll try anything once!
I’m not 100% sure what I actually want to write about. The only thing I’m 10000% sure on is that I really want to write. For a living. I couldn’t think of anything more than I’d want to do with my life (apart from live at Disney World). The buzz from having your name next to that published article that you spent so long on and you’re just so proud of, gave me “the bug.”

So, here goesssss..